Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easy Drawing Hunk Lesson using Mouse

You need nothing but: pencil, white paper, scanner(camera will do), and Paint Tool Sai.

My first Drawing Tut! Hope you learn somethin and always draw with a high desire mood!
Step 1. Sketch
Start by sketching shapes.
Next clean and add details. Also Check and Redo parts that looks bad.
Tips: Sketch shapes with light hand. Harder hand in adding details. Lesser details looks cute and simple. Took about at least an hour.
Step 2. Scan
Transfer the scan or captured image file to computer.Be sure all details can be seen.
Step 3. Line Art
a. Canvas
Start Paint tool Sai and open the image file. Change the canvas resolution and size to a high pixel by changing canvas resolution height first then canvas size width. High pixel resolution depends on your computer capability, mine is 4000 x 3000. Use move and selection scale tool to fit your sketch inside canvas.
b. Trace
Create new linework layer and start tracing using Line tool.
Tips: Brush size should be 1 as thinnest line weight. Ctrl + drag to make line curve. Ctrl + z to undo mistakes. Check and all parts that looks bad should be fix and already finish.
c. Line weight
Duplicate the linework layer by creating copy for line weight. Use line weight tool, just click lines to assign the brush size.
Tips: I use 1 to 4 brush size. Make outer lines thickest.
d. Pressure
Use pressure tool to decrease and increase line weights along points.
Tips: I decrease pressure along endpoints in curve lines. It will make it look drawn in ink without graphic tablet. Finish lineart about at least 6 hours continue color or rest for a day or two. Give time yourself to jerk at your masterpiece sometimes.
Step 4. Coloring
I hope you still got desire mood to continue coloring because coloring stress me but I get find inspiration from hot artworks of other artists.
a. Base Color
Create new layer for base color. Hide last line work layer and use magic wand to pick color boundaries. Use Bucket tool to color.
Tips: I'm not really good in picking colors, I just pick random colors that look blend to other colors. Use bucket tool to change unpleasant colors.
b. Lights
Create new linework layer for lights. Locate where to put your light and create a guide rays there using line tool.
Tips: I put my main light at top and blue light somewhere down at back of character.
c. Shadows
Create a new layer or two for shadows. Use magic tool to select different single color boundaries. Use either airbrush, brush or ink pen to paint shadows. Use erase to reshape it.
Tips: I pick different shadows for each base color. Use guide rays of main light to locate where to paint shadows. Magic tool helps not to spill colors outside the lines. Creater another layer for darker shadows. You can also do boundaries for shadows using linework. As you can see shadows creates bumps and depths to the character. Try blur or airbrush also if you want him to look smooth. It looks finish but I still want to make it hotter so make it glossy!
d. Highlight
Same as shadow. Just paint it in glossy areas like nose, lips, nipples, and so on.
That's it! It's finish! Overall takes me about 10 hours to finish it, 10 days in actual time but maybe you will finish it in a week or faster.

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You draw a very pretty cock!